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Hello ~ Welcome to Jiangxi Ganzhou Chuangan Traffic Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. official website ~


  • Professional and credible

    Have a complete core parts self-manufacturing ability, perfect after-sales service system。With competitive products, professional technology and service team。

  • Excellent stability

    It is committed to the design, research and development, production, sales, construction and service of transportation facilities products and urban intelligent products

  • After-sales management

    The company has a mature after-sales service management system to provide full life cycle services。 24-hour after-sales service hotline at any time, anywhere to get our guidance services。

  • Serve with heart

    To ensure that customers can get better service, establish a complete service system, covering installation, maintenance and maintenance, professional product maintenance and repair。

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Chuangan focuses on all kinds of traffic equipment for many years, can be trusted

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The common choice of many enterprises

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty, pragmatism, innovation and development"

  • 01 Strong strength

    Multiple patentsDiverse with honors and qualifications

    Many patents and honors are complete

    Design, production, sales, service as one of the specialized company;
    Transportation facilities manufacturers, with many years of experience in various transportation facilities and customized transportation facilities industry;
    Provide personalized program design, develop the program first, and manufacture after customer satisfaction,
    Fully protect the interests of customers;
  • 02 Team strength

    Professional technical personnelOne-stop installation service

    One stop installatio n service for professional technicians

    The company has a professional installation team, one-stop installation service;
    Product installation and transportation: the province can be delivered to the door installation, outside the province for customer contact
    Logistics delivery, convenient and fast;
    Multi-person team, many years of design and development experience, effectively meet the diversity of customers
    Customized requirements;
  • 03 Strong quality

    A number of large enterprises chooseCan be trusted

    Many large enterprises choose to be trustworthy

    Before shipment, it is strictly tested to ensure that there are no defective products when customers receive the goods;
    Has successfully served thousands of customers, in the industry to win praise;
    Dedicated and good team, everywhere to high standards of their own
    For partners to provide: professional, intimate, quality service。
  • 04 Strong service

    Professional after-sales teamButler service

    One stop installation service for professional technicians

    With the spirit of "pursuing reality", the spirit of "reputation first, customers.
    The "first" professional purpose;
    Strive for excellence, optimize and improve, to provide customers and partners with quality products;
    After-sales maintenance: one year free, lifelong maintenance, 24 hours quick response!
    The company has a professional after-sales team to solve your after-sales problems。

CQ9传奇电子游戏官网Customer case

Start from customer needs, and customer needs

  • 标牌
  • 标线
  • Corrugated guardrail
  • Urban guardrail
  • Warning post
  • Wide-angle lens

About Chuangan


Jiangxi Ganzhou Chuangan traffic facilities engineering Co., LTD

Jiangxi Ganzhou Chuangan Traffic Facilities Engineering Co., LTD., founded in 2010, is one of the transportation facilities enterprises that is committed to the design, research and development, production, sales, construction and service of transportation facilities products and urban intelligent products。   

As the predecessors of transportation facilities enterprises, we have gathered a large number of technical talents, with good technology, strong funds and dedicated to the excellent team, everywhere to higher than the standard of their own, since its establishment, enterprise products towards the direction of diversification, we...

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CQ9传奇电子游戏官网Service process

Start from customer needs, and customer needs

  • Detailed early communication

    Both parties communicate the details, customer needs, budget, etc., and inspect the company's situation

  • Product scheme design

    After detailed understanding of the situation through communication between the two sides, tailor-made solutions are more cost-effective solutions

  • Product customization

    After signing the contract, according to the customer's program customized production products, delivery on time

  • Product delivery acceptance

    Product delivery on schedule, customer acceptance, delivery of the final payment after confirmation of receipt

  • After-sales service

    Enter the after-sales service, can support professional technical support services, product lifelong maintenance